Mission Statement

Beyond Energy Services & Technology is a private oilfield service company based in Alberta, Canada. While the Beyond Energy name is relatively new, our team members are some of the best known and most experienced MPD and Drilling Fluids professionals globally. Our team came together with the goal to deliver our clients a level of service we thought they were not currently receiving and to do so with an equipment package that is the most sophisticated on the market yet designed by those who have spent a career in the field. Our MPD package has an 8 hour pickerless rig-in, the smallest footprint in the industry, fully automated set-point controls, a nitrogen backpressure system, a walking system, and a number of other patented features.

Executive Team


Jason Lock


Rudy Schipper

VP International Business Development

Keri Lock

Finance Manager

Jenn Hoban

HSE Manager

Managed Pressure Drilling

Leiro Medina

VP Technology

Eric Legge

VP Operations

Carl Mardian

MPD Ops Manager

Tyler Enns

Technical Solutions Manager

Ted Ostapowicz

Technical Field Manager

Wayne Hassel

RCD Project Manager

Drilling Fluids

Peter Van Camp

Business Development Manager

Dave Bezushko

Drilling Fluids Ops Manager

Board of Directors

Keys to Success


There is no substitute for experience in the pressure business. No amount of equipment, no corporate brand can ensure the successful design and execution of an MPD program. It relies on people. And our people are some of the most experienced in the industry both in pressure and drilling fluids. Together we believe our team can reduce your non-productive time, save you money and ensure safety of operations.

MPD Design & Project Management

Beyond provides MPD and Drilling Fluids support for those applications requiring a detailed analysis and planning of operations (drilling ECD’s, swab and surge models, rollovers, hole cleaning and more). Experienced in HPHT wells, depleted zones and underbalanced drilling, our knowledgeable team can handle any problem you might encounter. We have been designing and supervising operations around the globe for some of the most challenging wells for over 15 years.


Smaller Footprint

By integrating the pipe baskets onto the flare skid and the manifold building onto the separator skid, the footprint of the MPD package has been greatly reduced. This allows for a faster rig-in time and reduced intrusion on the lease. The design also allows the package to be mobilized faster using fewer trucks to get the equipment to the client (only 3 loads to move). The result is the fastest and cheapest rig-in/rig-out in the business.

Picker-less Package

All existing MPD solutions require a picker truck on location for a duration of 8-12 hours. This can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Our patented self-erecting flare stack and separator avoids the need for a picker. Not only does this save the client thousands in picker truck rates, it reduces rig-in time even further.

Simple Nitrogen Back Pressure System

Other MPD providers rely solely on trapping pressure during pumps off events. This is an imperfect solution and often results in an insufficient amount of pressure being trapped. With pumps down, this means you are now at the mercy of pore pressure. As a fix to this problem, many providers add large and expensive diverter units or auxiliary pumps to the package. This adds to the footprint, rig-in time and service time. All costing money.

Beyond offers the first Nitrogen Injection MPD solution. By injecting nitrogen at the MPD manifold, wellbore pressure can be increased whenever desired. This design is fast, safe and extremely cost effective. Combined with state of the art PRV technology, this allows for very fine control of wellbore pressure.

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