We do Managed Pressure Drilling.

MPD with the most efficient equipment and experienced team.

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Why Beyond for MPD?

  • Cost-effective, fast setup
  • Smaller footprint of combined components
  • Nitrogen Backpressure System
  • Better control through multiple set points and modeled control curves
  • Control downhole pressure
  • Walking System allows movement on well pad

Hydraulic Modeling

We provide in-house modeling for Managed Pressure Drilling and Drilling Fluids.

Drilling Fluids

Highly trained personnel that provide premium products for multiple mud systems.

MPD Equipment

We provide Mud-Gas Seperators, Choke Manifolds, and monitoring equipment for Managed Pressure Drilling operations.

MPD Personnel

With some of Canada’s most experienced supervisors you have peace of mind that your well is in good hands.

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