Drilling Fluids Services

Beyond Energy Services & Technology Corp. is an independent, privately owned specialty drilling fluid supplier. Our mud systems, combined with our highly trained on-site technical support and our commercially competitive pricing, will reduce your overall cost of operation. For operators and companies alike, we are committed to enabling better processes, offering innovative products for all drilling and special foundation applications as a genuine alternative supplier. This all means that we do better and go further to not only meet, but exceed our customer expectations.

Sales & Products

Beyond have a full range of competitively priced products to suit all drilling conditions and industry-expert staff with full product knowledge. When talking to our staff you can be comfortable in knowing that they are able to provide the most accurate and cost-effective products to suit your drill.
Beyond provides a full drilling fluid management service for your project with a comprehensive drilling fluid reporting software to track trends of fluid properties, product concentrations, volumes, product inventory and extensive recap reports. From the initial tender process, we work with our customers to determine the amount and type of product required, based on geology and environmental regulations. A fluids program is generated to streamline drilling fluid performance prior to spud.

Technical Support

All Beyond drilling fluid staff have a background in drilling and extensive training in drilling fluids and are able to offer professional and solid advice on reducing costs and minimizing down hole problems. During all project stages, technical support is available 24/7 via phone, email and site visits. Our technical support team will ensure that you, the customer, have access to the best products for your specific situation.


Beyond Energy Services access to lab and R&D facilities has provided significant contributions to our success; they have enabled us to perform research and development on new and improved product offerings as well as ongoing analysis of customer programs.
In conjunction with our clients and their specific needs, Beyond has introduced several products improving drilling performance.

Drilling Fluid Systems

Beyond Drilling Fluids offers a complete line of water base and non-aqueous drilling fluids systems and products. We pride ourselves by supplying superior products backed by our knowledge and experience to maintain drilling fluids properties efficiently and cost effective.



The BEST OBM system is an oil based invert emulsion designed for high pore pressure low frac gradient drills

BEST Mul – Primary emulsifier for oil-in-water emulsion
BEST Wet – Primary wetting additive used when weighting up or spotting wellbore strengthening pills
BEST Mod – High performance rheology modifier available in drums and pails to effectively increase LSRV with little to no effect on YP
BEST Boost – Enhances the effectiveness of organophilic clays for building kill mud when there is limited time for shear prior to performing rollovers.
BEST Blocker – Proprietary blend of mixed PSD designed to mitigate seepage loss and assist in wellbore strengthening.
BEST Blocker II – An effective additive for filtration control and wellbore strengthening
BEST Bridge – Superior bridging additive with high resiliency when dealing with wellbore ballooning.
BEST FG+ – Primary wellbore strengthening additive effectively increasing frac gradient up to 200 kg/m3
BEST Glide – Effective liquid lubricant used for lateral drilling and spotting as a lube pill in open hole prior to running casing


CLEAR Performance Brine

Solids free CaCl2 Ca(NO3)2 high density blend formulated for high pore pressure drills.

CLEAR Di-Corr – Primary corrosion inhibitor for di-valent brine systems
CLEAR Mono-Corr – Primary corrosion inhibitor for mono-valent brine systems
CLEAR Scav – High performance O2 Scavenger
CLEAR Buffer – Liquid additive available in drums and pails to control brine alkalinity and as a secondary corrosion control.
CLEAR Glide – Effective liquid lubricant at concentrations up to 3% v/v


Water-Based Systems

Low Solids Polymer System
Utilized on surface hole to be re-used with silicate systems to minimize fresh water usage and reduce disposal cost
Potassium Silicate
Low cost drilling fluid system with excellent inhibition and encapsulation properties utilized in potential loss zones where OBM may not be economical.
Eco Plug System
A cost effective, environmentally friendly alternative to cement plugs where severe/total losses are encountered drilling surface hole.


For more information on our drilling fluid systems please contact sales@beyondenergy.ca

HDD Services

Beyond Energy Services provide drilling fluid and fluid waste management services for your HDD project. During the project bidding process, we work with our customers to determine the amount and type of product required, based on geology, rig capability and environmental regulations.
A fluids program is generated to streamline drilling fluid performance once the project starts.
The customer provides the project details such as geotechnical reports, specified equipment and environmental regulations. We use this information to generate a long form Drilling Fluids Program that encompasses pump rates, ROP, fluid volumes and fluid formulations.
Our comprehensive troubleshooting sections ensure the client is prepared for any surprises during the drilling program, including recommendations for:

  • Loss of circulation
  • Caving sand and gravel
  • Reactive clay and shale

Require service?
During the project, technical support is available via phone, email and site visits.
Our capable team is available for our customers at all project stages. Our technical support team ensures that the best products for the application are recommended – including environmental, logistics, economical and mixing considerations.


For more information on our HDD services please contact hdd@beyondenergy.ca

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