The MPD Process

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MPD Integrated Manifold Building

Beyond has designed a fully integrated Choke Manifold Building which includes all components necessary to manage the surface backpressure in MPD and UBD operations in the most optimal way possible.

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Automated BackPressure Control System

Maximum Working Pressure Can be programmed to any working pressure
Number of Consoles 2 (local and remote)
Remote Control via Tablet Yes
Control Mode in Case of Failure Last pressure value is maintained
Backpressure Control Type Automated (programmable as a function of flow rate)
Multiple Independent Choke Control Yes
Power Source Electric Pneumatic (backup)
UPS (backup)
Communication Protocol WITS, Modbus (other protocols available)
Remote Control Yes, via internet connection

Nitrogen BackPressure Unit*

The Nitrogen BackPressure* unit offers a unique solution in the MPD world as it does not rely on tying into the mud circulating system to provide extra energy necessary to maintain the desired backpressure at surface while pumps are off.
Instead of pumping drilling fluid, either via an auxiliary pump or a separate pumping manifold, Beyond’s Nitrogen BackPressure* Unit injects a small volume of nitrogen at a pre-set pressure (defined by the user according to well requirements) in the MPD lines, allowing to maintain the pressure at surface if the choke fails to reach the necessary pressure at surface or if the surface backpressure starts to decrease during static periods (e.g. pipe connections).

*Patent pending

Maximum Working Pressure 5,000psi 34.5 MPa
Container Dimensions 20′ x 8′ 6.1m x 2.5m
Nitrogen Purity > 95%
Bottle Bank Storage Capacity 120 USgal 454 liters
Nitrogen Generation Capacity 17.5 sft3/min 0.5 sm3/min

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Integrated Gas Buster Separator (BIG-B)

Beyond offers a Gas Buster / Separator specifically designed for MPD and Flow Drilling applications, where gas needs to be removed from the drilling fluid and cuttings mixture. The BIG-B has been designed to avoid the need for cranes during rig up and rig down operations and also to minimize the footprint by housing the MPD manifold building and separator in the same skid.

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MPD Separator

Besides our BIG-B Separator model, Beyond also offers a standard high capacity Gas Liquid Separator for Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) and Underbalanced Drilling (UBD) operations that require handling a continuous flow of gas, liquid and cuttings.

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Flare Stack

Our Flare Stack complements the MPD system by offering a safe and reliable way to flare gas returns from the wellbore. The Flare Stack is designed to self-erect, saving time and money from the conventional design that requires a crane to rig up and rig down the MPD system.
Beyond’s Flare Stack offers an integrated solution that contains an advanced ignition system as well as a flame arrestor with a bypass for emergency situations.
The Flare Stack Skid has been design to accommodate pipe baskets, eliminating the need for additional trucks during transportation.

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MPD Skid Walking System

Run the most efficient MPD operation with Beyond MPD technology: Minimize the rig down and rig up time between wells on the same well pad using our MPD Skid Walking System.
For those operators looking to decrease moving times between wells on multi-well pads, Beyond offers a Walking System solution that allows “walking” the skid containing the MPD Choke Manifold Building and the MPD Separator, avoiding the need for crane or pickers as well as the need to rig up or rig down MPD lines while moving between wells.

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Rotating Control Devices (RCDs)


Series Titan
Inside Diameter Dictated by ID of Lower Flange
Bottom Inlet Upon Request (see Dimensional Data)
Side Outlet 7 1/16” 5 000 API Flange (Studded)
Additional Side Outlet (Titan 5 only) 4 1/16” 5 000 API Flange (Studded)
Equalize/Bleed Down Outlet 2 1/16” 5 000 API Flange (Studded)
Pressure Rating 3 000 psi (20 690 kPa) or 5000 psi (34 474 kPa)

Passthrough Diameter and Pressure Ratings

Zeus Bearing Assembly Ares Bearing Assembly
Maximum Outer Diameter 17 1⁄4” (438.2mm) 17 1⁄4” (438.2mm)
Passthrough Diameter 9 1⁄2” (241.3 mm) 7 3⁄4” (196.9 mm)
Static Pressure Rating 3,000 psi (20,690 kPa) 2,500 psi ( 17,250 kPa)
Dynamic Pressure Rating @100 RPM 2,000 psi (10,350 kPa) 1,500 psi (10,350 kPa)
Dynamic Pressure Rating @200 RPM 1,500 psi (10,350 kPa) 1,000 psi (6,890 kPa)
Maximum RPM 200 RPM 200 RPM

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Technical Support

Beyond prides itself in offering the best in class MPD Products as well as on-site MPD Supervision and MPD Technical Support. As part of the MPD portfolio of products, Beyond provides MPD Technical Support with an experienced team of Specialists that provide the customer with all their needs in Well Design and Operations Monitoring Services using state-of-the-art software.

MPD Technical Support Services

  • MPD Feasibility Analysis
  • MPD Programs
  • Equivalent Circulating and Static Density Analyses
  • Swab and Surge Analyses
  • Mud Rollover and Cementing Schedules in MPD Mode
  • Mud Density and Rheology Overview
  • End of Well Reports
  • Operations Monitoring and Support, including on-site Hydraulic Simulations

Technical Support Services Experience

  • Very Narrow Window Operations
  • Horizontal Drilling in Different Pressure Profile Zones
  • Flow Drilling and Multiphase Operations
  • Drilling Optimization (ROP optimization, pressure-related events mitigation)
  • HPHT Operations in Deep-Wells (depth > 20,000’ or 6,000m)
  • Cementing in MPD Mode

Advantages of Beyond MPD Services

Less loads to transport
Our complete MPD package requires only 3 loads vs. 5-6 loads for packages available in the market today

Faster & Less expensive Rig Up And Rig Down
Our integrated package requires less piping and with our self-erecting system, no crane is required for rig up and rig down operations

Unique MPD Package Walking System
Beyond’s patented Walking System allows for an even faster rig-up and rig- down in multi-well pads since it is not necessary to modify the existing system for well-to-well mobilization.

Smaller Footprint
Since no additional interconnecting pipework is needed between the choke manifold and the separator, only 2 skids are required for the manifold, metering system, separator, flare stack and pipe baskets

Minimum Crew Onsite
Our standard crew to cover 24-hr operations consists of only 3 people on site covering site supervision, equipment maintenance, RCD operations and continuous pressure monitoring and management

24/7 Technical Support
With the best Technical Support Team in the business, our staff assist you with designing your wells, supporting the field operations 24/7, monitoring all drilling activities while ensuring the technical integrity of the drilling operations

The most experienced and motivated Team of Operators and Supervisors
All our senior supervisory staff have +15 years of experience in MPD and UBD applications worldwide, ensuring your well is in the best hands possible

Patented Backpressure Maintenance Technology
Our Nitrogen BackPressure Management System automatically maintains the surface backpressure during static periods in case of pump or choke failure

State of the Art BackPressure Control System
The Automated BackPressure Control System has been designed by actual users who have in-depth knowledge of MPD operations and was created to deliver rapid and accurate pressure control while providing flexibility to operate under a wide range of conditions

We have drilled more than 100 wells in less than 2 years under various conditions for Junior and Major Operators, ranging from multiphase operations to HPHT wells with no practical drilling window

Our team has assisted our Customers to efficiently deliver wells with minimum to no NPT at the lowest cost possible, taking advantage of the benefits of MPD in situations where otherwise the well would have become either technically or economically not feasible to drill

Committed to Safety
Beyond has developed a comprehensive and solid HSE system that has attributed to successful service delivery while in compliance to some of the most stringent regulations in the oil and gas industry

Synergy between Drilling Fluids and MPD
Beyond offers Drilling Fluids services as part of its portfolio, which complements the MPD Service, delivering a proven excellent synergy to ensure the best well pressure control service possible.

MPD Project Process

The first stage of a MPD Project is the technical feasibility analysis (quick look) to determine if the project is technically feasible. Beyond can provide an insight into how MPD can help and what would be necessary to drill using MPD techniques

Once the project has been deemed technically feasible, a rig visit is performed by qualified Beyond personnel to ensure that the MPD equipment can be rigged up safely and efficiently at the rig site. Recommendations can also be made at this stage to optimize time and resources for the operation to be performed.

After the preliminary steps are completed, the Beyond team compiles all the information and generates a complete MPD Program that encompasses all the drilling parameters to be followed during the operation. Equipment specifications, procedures and process diagrams are also included in this document.

During the job execution, the equipment is rigged up on location and the MPD Program is executed. During this stage, Beyond generates daily reports and provides 24/7 technical support to ensure all new data and conditions are considered and plans modified if necessary.

After the job is performed, all information generated during the operation is gathered and analyzed to include in an ‘End of Well Report’ document that contains lessons learnt from the operation as well as actual well information that is very useful for future drilling jobs.

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